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4.10 for Android 枫影(尹湘中)

Hack & Modify Your Android Games Now!

Denise Waters

Game Killer is a perfect application to get ahead in all your Android games by using a variety of cheats and codes. This application is definitely a must-have for all those game freaks who like to be winners in every game they play.
Game Killer APK lets users modify any variables or values in a game which can help them extend their life, collect coins, create an arsenal of the best weapons, or get super abilities for their players. The application injects code into the game while it is running and lets you alter the values you wish to.
Once a user downloads and installs the Game Killer App they simply need to run it in the background before launching their game. In this way, they can easily change the values and alter the parameters they wish to. It is very easy to understand and simple to use.
Game Killer for Android devices shows a semitransparent icon that is always floating on the screen even once you minimize the app. This makes you aware of whether or not the application is running. Once this is done, a user can access the parameter they wish to monitor via the search feature, built in the app.
Once a user finds the number they wish to alter, they simply have to enter the new number and the changes will be made available in the game. This process can be used in GameKiller to hack any other data or elements in the game with ease.
This app lets you filter out results based on whether the values are higher or lower than other players as well as allowing you to search for definite values. The game Killer update is well optimized to ensure that the app doesn’t use up too many resources of your device.


  • Seamlessly modify values and variables in a game.
  • Works on the system of ‘code injection’.
  • User-friendly and easy to understand interface.
  • It doesn’t use up too much memory and resources.
  • Search for certain values and specified differences.
  • Hack any game data or elements with ease.
  • Default establishment of values that are modified.

The only thing users need to keep in mind in the Game Killer Android app is that your device needs to be rooted in order to install this application and let it work its magic.

Name: Game Killer
Developer: 枫影(尹湘中)
App Version:
App Size: 500 KB
Supported Android Version: Android 1.6 & Higher
Category: Games > Apps to Patch Games
License Type: Free

Download Game Killer APK Free for Android devices to access a useful and comprehensive app that will ensure you achieve victory in every game you play.


  • Android version 1.6 or above.

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