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Firefox is a web browser developed by Mozilla which was initially available only on computers but it is now also available for Android users on their phones and tablets. An easy, efficient and simplistic way to browse the net, Mozilla Firefox is the most trending app nowadays.

Firefox APK can help make the browsing experience much more comfortable for users by offering intelligent suggestions and quick access to one’s favourite and preferred sites. It also allows one to quickly approach different search engines like Google, Yahoo etc and also providers like Wikipedia, Amazon etc.

Users can synchronise the Firefox app with their computers to easily access all their bookmarks, passwords, history and previously opened tabs on their Android devices. One can even send content to their PCs or televisions with appropriate streaming capabilities.
The Firefox browser for Android devices has been well adapted so that the keyboard shortcuts we used can be implemented by gestures on our device, like shaking, tapping, swiping our hand across screen etc. One can customize the browser to suit their choices by changing the themes and even adding extensions and editing the toolbar.

Firefox for Android devices also allows users to share content on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp etc directly from within the browser. It also has a private browsing mode and of course the option to go incognito.

Privacy is a prime concern and the Firefox Browser APK provides an anti-phishing feature wherein website trackers can be blocked and the user can be alerted of the same. Users can open innumerable apps and browse through easily without having to close any.


  • Intelligent and smart search options.
  • Suggestions based on browsing history.
  • Synchronization across different devices.
  • Sharing to social media apps from within.
  • Access to favourites & easy tab management.
  • Ad-blockers, password managers & anti-tracking protection.
  • Reading mode, spell checker & built-in PDF reader.
  • Alerts before visiting harmful sites & security updates.
  • Highly customizable to adaptable to your preferences.
  • Access to Firefox Marketplace from toolbar itself.
  • Send content to a synced TV and stream on a big screen.

The reason for many cases of the Firefox App Download is that it has all the useful and necessary features and is a reliable and trustworthy web browser.

Name:Firefox Browser
App Version:v63.0.2
App Size:38.7 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.1 & Higher
Category:Internet > Web Browsers
License Type:Free

Download Firefox Browser APK for Android devices to gain access to a browser which has a comprehensive and functional design, is easy to use and allows one to surf the web conveniently from the comforts of our phones and tablets.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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