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Keeping Up with Friends is Faster and Easier Now!

Denise Waters

Facebook today is the biggest and most widely used social media platform and the Facebook app is here to save the day and make connecting with the people much easier, even when one is on the go. The app helps simplify all the features one can access on the computer and provide everything in one place to the users.

Facebook APK helps users in browsing one’s timeline, uploading photos and videos, tagging friends and family, changing statuses and display pictures, check-in to various places, etc. with much ease.

Users can directly upload media straight from their Android camera, without the hassle of uploading photos on a computer first. They can protect and maintain their privacy by adjusting settings on the Facebook app itself.

Facebook APK Download helps users to stay updated with the latest news and happenings around the World as one can subscribe to favorite celebrities, sports teams, artists or brands and even follow their favorite news feeds to know the current events, irrespective of which part of the World one is in.

Users are downloading the Facebook App for Android to watch live videos, express their emotions by using innovative stickers and gifs when commenting and even buy and sell services online. One gets a notification on their device every time someone likes or comments on their posts, thus preventing users from missing out on any new developments.

The Facebook app also allows users to decide which album of photos they would like to make public or private or only available to certain groups of friends. Privacy is given the importance of the highest degree and now, the new profile picture guard ensures that others cannot download the user’s display picture.


  • Connect with family & friends and even meet new people.
  • Share media & memories.
  • Receive notifications for all activities.
  • Make plans and create events.
  • Stay updated on current happenings.
  • Start a business on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Play games with friends.
  • Get details about local events.
  • Update statuses & watch others too.

Facebook also gives users the ability to create their own events, be it for a surprise birthday party or an anniversary celebration and invite people as well as discuss all the details in the Facebook app itself. One can also have fun with friends through specially created in-app games and invite any of their Facebook friends to play the games with.

App Version:v198.
App Size:67.2 MB
Supported Android Version:Varies with device
Category:Communication > Social Networks
License Type:Free

Download Facebook APK for Android as it provides users with a platform to constantly stay in touch with those they care about as well as ensure those people have information about the users too. It is an all in one app providing the best of what social media has to offer.


  • Android version 4.0 or above.

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