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Denise Waters

Facebook Messenger is the official app of Facebook which is here to make our conversations with loved ones much more convenient as well as interesting. It is a fast and reliable app where one can have endless conversations without having to pay for each message as in SMS.

Facebook Messenger APK can allow users to have multiple conversations wherein each one is kept in a separate chat head which can be moved around on the screen. Moreover, one can engage in chats without having to open the Facebook app and access the messages from there.

Users can use the Messenger app for Android devices to write texts, send gifs, share images and videos, share location, send voice messages and so on. To top this all, one can even create events with friends and make plans from within the chat itself.

The fun and quirky stickers available on the app is another reason for multiple instances of Facebook Messenger Download as this provides people with an innovative new way of interaction. One can even be aware of whether other users are currently active or not and go through their statuses too.

The Facebook Messenger’s latest version also has the feature of voice and video calls, where video calling can be done with multiple people at the same time. One can even customize their chats and give them fancy colors and different names, be it one on one or in a group.

Users have the option of receiving real-time notifications via sound and vibration alerts or also the option of putting them on silent. Facebook Messenger also gives users the ability to chat with official businesses and keep their orders in check or get customer services with a single tap.


  • Quick contact with anyone, anywhere.
  • Voice and Video calling.
  • Individual as well as Group conversations.
  • Sharing of multimedia messages.
  • Location sharing with friends.
  • Communicating with phone contacts.
  • Read reports & availability status.
  • Unique and fun stickers.

The best part about downloading the Messenger app is that one can even text their phone contacts through it, even if they’re not friends on Facebook. The interface of the app is also very simplistic and anyone with basic smartphone knowledge will be able to master it.

Name:Facebook Messenger
App Version:v193.
App Size:47.7 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 5.0 & Higher
Category:Communication > Instant Messaging
License Type:Free

Download Facebook Messenger APK for Android is the simplest way to connect with our near and dear ones and with varied features to make the chat much more interesting.


  • Android version 5.0 or above.

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