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4.1 for Android Livio

You Can Leaf Through Words Using Your Finger!

Denise Waters

English Dictionary Offline is a comprehensive application that does exactly what its name says, gives you access to a dictionary that can be used offline, even without an internet connection.

English Dictionary Offline APK gives you the ability to look up any word that you don’t know the meaning of, even without wifi or mobile data connection. You can search for words in the handy toolbar or even browse through more than 306,000 words by easily sliding your finger. You can configure the entire interface with themes, text fonts, colors, line spacing, and orientation options.

There is even an option for a random search or shuffle between words which is a useful tool to help you look up new words you may not be aware of. English Dictionary Offline App can even help you share the definitions of words with your friends and family using Gmail or WhatsApp.

English Dictionary Offline for Android allows you to bookmark certain words, make notes or even access your search history to easily find words you may have looked up before. You can backup all your personalizations to Google Drive or Dropbox to make sure you never lose them.


  • Effortlessly look up words in a dictionary without needing the internet.
  • Search for specific words or conduct random searches.
  • Manage your bookmarks, search history and notes.
  • Search for words using the camera if you have OCR plugin.
  • Share definitions via social media apps.
  • Listen to the pronunciations and definitions.
  • Backup your data and restore it, if required.
  • Compatible with PDF readers like FBReader and Moon+.

One point to be kept in mind regarding the English Dictionary Offline Free app is that if you wish to listen to the audio of a definition or the pronunciation of a word, you will need an internet connection for the language pack.

Name:English Dictionary - Offline
App Version:v4.1
App Size:32 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.2 & Higher
Category:Education and Leisure > Dictionaries and Translation
License Type:Free

Download English Dictionary Offline APK Free for Android devices to seamlessly access the meanings, pronunciations, and definitions of any word, anytime and anywhere, without needing a connection to the internet.


  • Android version 4.2 or above.

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