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Save Your Battery Power and Optimize Battery Usage!

Denise Waters

DU Battery Saver is the most useful app to always make sure your battery lasts longer and to get the most use out of it. It is a comprehensive application to control the drainage of your battery and improve its status on a daily basis.

DU Battery Saver APK can help you get rid of all apps running in the background and kill unwanted tasks with a single click. The app easily detects any processes that are draining our battery and helps us identify them. Often we don’t even realize this and hence the app is very useful in helping us deal with them.

There are many pre-set modes in the DU Battery Saver App which you can use for power saving or if you wish to, you can even customize your own power-saving modes. The app also helps us cool down our device by taking care of apps which are CPU intensive and heat up the phone.

Battery Saver for Android also has a useful Battery Monitor which continuously helps you monitor and manage your device’s battery and running status. It constantly updates you about apps that are draining the battery faster and how much usage will affect the battery life.


  • Be in control of your battery’s life and status.
  • One-click optimization of your battery.
  • Kill background apps and tasks.
  • Configure your choice of battery saving modes.
  • Cooldown your phone by ending apps that stress the CPU.
  • Full battery report of voltage, temperature, capacity, etc.

The DU Battery Saver App is also indispensable as it provides a ‘Task-Killer’ widget which you can accommodate on your home screen. In this way, you can seamlessly manage power-saving modes, your phone’s brightness, data and so on.

Name:DU Battery Saver - Battery Charger & Battery Life
App Version:v4.9.3.2
App Size:15 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0 & Higher
Category:Tools > Battery
License Type:Free

Download DU Battery Saver APK free for Android devices to indulge in an application that ensures you get the best performance out of your battery and don’t have to worry about charging it again and again.


  • Android version 4.0 or above.

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