Dr. Driving

1.53 for Android SUD Inc.

The Best Car Driving Simulation Game!

Denise Waters

Dr. Driving is a driving simulation game devised to put your driving skills on the test. The game is definitely not a racing one but the main aim here is to drive safe and park the vehicle at the end. Unlike racing games, it’s about to be the safest driving in the game rather the fastest one.

Dr. Driving APK makes the difference through its unique concept wherein the player has to be good at driving and avoid accidents being a responsible driver. So, whether you’re a skillful driver or not, the game is surely a good leisure time partner while learning some driving abilities.

In Dr. Driving App, You have to start at one point of the city driving at a suitable speed and end up with parking the vehicle at the right place. While your journey, make sure your vehicle does not crash with others on the road, you take proper turns following the traffic rules and drive as best as you can.

Time is not a limitation in Dr. Driving Game. The good you drive, the more you’ll earn money. Of course, to upgrade & repair vehicles and unlock new places, you can use the earned money in the game. In case of accidents, you can get your car repaired. As you progress in the game, you would find new challenges and unlock more opportunities to show your efficiency on the wheels.

There’re different missions to complete in the game. Upon successfully completing each mission, players will get free Gold up to 1000. To play in multiplayer mode, Google sign-in is required.


  • Variety of vehicles to choose from sports to SUVs.
  • Garage to get your vehicles repaired.
  • Controls are very responsive and easy to play
  • Compete for your driving skills with others in multiplayer mode.
  • Check each and every stat about your journey.
  • For left-handers, left-hand driving options is added.
  • Wheel sensitivity, brakes, engine, gas etc., are adjustable.

Although Dr. Driving for Android hasn’t got all the superb graphics as possible, it undeniably offers you an isolated and engaging driving game to play for hours. However, the sound effects as you apply the brakes or dash with other vehicles seems quite real giving you the feel of actual driving.

Name:Dr. Driving
Developer:SUD Inc.
App Version:v1.55
App Size:10 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Android > Games > Simulators
License Type:Free

Download Dr. Driving APK Free For Android, tighten up your seat belts and burn up the wheels of your amazing cars, ride all around the town and get ready to be feted.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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