Dead Trigger

2.0.0 for Android MADFINGER Games

Award Winning Zombie Survival FPS With Stunning Graphics!

Denise Waters

Dead Trigger is a game that will make you come face to face with zombies once again. In this first-person action shooting game, you are one of the few last surviving people left on the planet as everyone else is killed by the zombies. The only option you are left with is to kill the zombies and make your way ahead.

In Dead Trigger APK, you will be provided with some weapons in order to combat the army of the zombies. You won’t be having many weapons in the beginning, but as you march forward making progress by killing zombies you can collect many advanced weapons such as an Enfield, a Scorpion, Pistols, and a lot more. There are some powerful explosives too which would leave no stone unturned in increasing the intensity of the game.

Dead Trigger for Android is a full-on power-packed mission game.

The game has got a number of levels that wouldn’t hold back from sending a chill to your spines. Multiplayer option is there, so you can invite your friends and can play with them which makes the game even more interesting and fun.

Dead Trigger Game has a paid version also. This can help you in possession of an unlimited supply of weapons as well as provides you with a ‘n’ number of lives. When you begin the game you are on your own but as you make progress, you can unlock certain characters such as Doctor, Scientist, Radar, Gunsmith, and various others to assist you with the mission.


  • The game offers high-quality 3D audio with an amazing soundtrack.
  • Users can take part in tournaments as well.
  • The game has got really sensational graphics.
  • Take a 360-degree view of your surroundings to help yourself with a better view.
  • Back up is available, so the progress you made doesn’t go in vain.

So get ready to amaze by the wonderful gaming experience that the Dead Trigger App offers. Be the hero that the world needs, unlock different characters, upgrade the ammo, and battle hard with the zombies to save mankind.

Name:Dead Trigger
Developer:MADFINGER Games
App Version:v2.0.0
App Size:31 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.1 & Higher
Category:Android > Games > Action
License Type:Free

Download Dead Trigger for Android Free For Android to enter the dark world of the zombies and have a blast of a time battling them and saving the world. There’s only one thing that you should take into consideration – the game can’t be played offline. So make sure you have enough data or you have a secure wifi connection.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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