Cymera Camera – Photo Editor, Filter & Collage

3.4.6 for Android SK Communications

Beautiful & Innovative Way to Click Pictures!

Denise Waters

Cymera – providing people with a beautiful and innovative way to click pictures. The Cymera Camera is a means to an end, a way to make one’s selfies so much fun, interesting and vibrant. And all of this is made possible simply due to the innumerable features it has which make it loved by all.

Cymera APK can help users click pictures that showcase nothing but flawless glowing skin as it is first and foremost a beauty camera. It can alter the face shape, clear skin of pimples or acne and provides various makeup effects which can help one click a beautiful picture without the need for really expensive makeup.

The Cymera Editor can even help users edit and beautify their pictures after they are taken. Users can choose from a plethora of almost 150 different filters, adjust the brightness in pictures, correct any red-eye effect and soften the photos, all of it free of charge.

The best part about the Cymera app is that the camera has almost seven different lenses, from which to click pictures. There is an anti-shaking mode for users who have shaky hands while clicking selfies. The option of a timer is also available for selfies with bigger groups and of course a Bluetooth connection for remote-controlled selfie sticks.

Users can create collages very easily using the Cymera Photo Editing app as it helps combine almost 9 photos in a single collage and provides a number of grids and backgrounds for the same. One can also add stickers or drawing to make the photos fun and quirky and even add little text notes in varied fonts.

For someone who worries about their body shape, Cymera for Android devices is here to help. The editing effects can slim down a waist, lift up the hips and even tone the legs in a picture.


  • 7 types of camera lenses
  • Beauty filter with hair and makeup effects
  • Body changing effects
  • Almost 150 different filters
  • Stickers, drawing, and texts on photos
  • Silent mode for clicking pictures
  • Insta-fit for pictures
  • High-resolution pictures & unique effects

Cymera Selfie and Photo Editor let users organize and categorize their photos by date or location etc and even share them on social media platforms. One can use the app to edit photos taken from any other camera as well.

Name:Cymera Camera
Developer:SK Communications
App Version:v3.4.6
App Size:39.8 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Design and Photography > Cameras
License Type:Free
Downloads: 100,000,000+

Download Cymera APK for Android to solve all your problems when it comes to clicking surreal and jaw-dropping pictures and showcase your beauty to the whole world.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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