Clash Royale

2.4.3 for Android Supercell

Real-Time Multiplayer Game Starring the Royales!

Denise Waters

Clash Royale is a thrilling, adventurous and truly ‘Royal’ game to get your adrenaline pumping in the battle to achieve victory. The game has simple gameplay wherein the player must destroy the three enemy towers before their own ones are destroyed.

Clash Royale APK allows users to build up an army of their heroes and deploy them on various missions in order to win the battle. The game starts with a specific amount of Elixir which is necessary to send your armies out to attack. But before the deployment, players have to collect enough cards in order to build up their army.

As a player wins tournaments in the Clash Royale app, the opportunities to open up new chests are made available and the player gets a larger amount of combat units to their disposal. The player has a time limit of three minutes for each tournament, in which to win or lose.

The rewards one earns while playing the Clash Royale Game can be used to our advantage by getting more currency and even unlocking better heroes. Destroying the enemy towers allows us to win their crowns and gain control over their treasure chest.

The player has to progress across a number of Arenas to pave the path to victory and on the way can even unlock new and exciting arenas. Players can play one on one with their friends in individual duels or even for a new clan to build a stronger team and pool together resources.

The player can create their ultimate battle deck as each unit of the Clash Royale app has its own unique abilities, such as deployment times, enhanced speed, lifelines, etc.


  • Multiplayer game with the tower defense strategy.
  • Rewards and gems to level up.
  • Elixir to deploy troops for battle.
  • Destruction of enemy towers and capturing their treasure chests.
  • Weekly events and battles.
  • Clash of Clans cast and characters available.
  • Destroy the King and win his crown.
  • Diverse arenas and the ability to unlock new ones.

The Clash Royale Game has fantastic graphics, great animations, surround sound features, enhanced visuals and attractive characters. Each duel is for a small duration of 3-4 minutes allowing one to quickly engage in one anytime and anywhere.

Name:Clash Royale
App Version:v2.9.0
App Size:98 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.1 & Higher
Category:Games > Strategy
License Type:Free

Download Clash Royale APK for Android devices to fight the ultimate battle by designing your armies well and destroying the enemy while holding your own fort down.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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