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Chrome is the fastest, easiest to use and most secure browser available. Chrome provides users with a number of benefits like personalized news and weather updates, quick links to most frequently visited sites, quick downloads, Google translate and many more.

Chrome APK remembers browser history and offers suggestions based on previously visited sites, making browsing much easier and hassle-free. One can also use incognito mode, if you don’t want it to remember the browsing history. It helps sync information across various devices so that one may pick up where they left off on another device.

Chrome app also provides users with “Voice Search”, which takes away the need of typing altogether. Now, one can just use voice commands to navigate through web pages and even ask Google to do simple tasks like math equations or set the alarm.

With the Chrome Browser APK, one can browse through innumerable tabs all at the same time without needing to close one and open the other. “Google Translate” which is built in the app will help users translate entire pages with just one tap, making their browsing experience much more comfortable

The “Tap to Search”, feature in Chrome helps users tap any word or phrase on the current web page and start a Google search for it. Chrome for Android will also ensure the safety of the highest level by its “Google Safe Browsing” feature which will give users warning if they attempt to navigate to harmful sites or attempt to download dangerous content.

Chrome has a download button specifically for purposes where users can download the web pages, videos, and images, so as to view them offline later on.


  • Sync Across Devices.
  • Google Voice Search.
  • Personalized Recommendations.
  • Privacy and Incognito Mode.
  • Google Translate Built-in.
  • Google Safe-Browsing Built-in.
  • Data Saving and Fast Browsing.
  • Download and View Offline.
  • Tap To Search.

Users nowadays are using the Chrome Android app as this browse works even in poor connections using lower data. The “Data Saver” feature optimizes pages to serve 2G connections too and compresses images, texts and videos, saving upto almost 60% data.

Name:Google Chrome
Developer:Google LLC
App Version:v70.0.3538.80
App Size: 64.1 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0 & Higher
Category:Internet > Web Browsers
License Type:Free

Download Chrome APK Free for Android as it not only provides users with an efficient and effective search engine but also gives the pleasure of smooth and user-friendly browsing. Enabling Google to automatically update Chrome app will ensure the security setting of the highest level. Chrome app is a need as well as a want for users nowadays, owing all to its fabulous features and latest updates.


  • Android version 4.0 or above.

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