Bad Piggies

2.3.5 for Android Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Get Ready To See Pigs Fly!

Denise Waters

Bad Piggies is a game that is as cute and fun as its name sounds. You are required to help the piggies cross the arena by making vehicles for them which they can then use to achieve their objective.

Bad Piggies APK can help you create the perfect transport vehicle for your piggies so that they can safely reach their destination. Here are a number of objects which will be made available to you for coming up with some or the other contraption which can be used to transport your piggies.

However, all your vehicles will eventually end up exploding or bursting as the piggies clearly don’t know how to drive or fly. There will be a lot of instances in the Bad Piggies Game where you will see the pigs flying through the air, but that just means you’ve to start over and this time create a better vehicle for them.

There are a number of levels which you need to win and often you might have to repeat a level till you get the hang of it. You need to complete all the objectives and only once you achieve them all can you move on to the next level in the Bad Piggies App. As soon as you earn three stars on completing a level, you will further unlock more levels to play.


  • More than 200 levels of explosions and flying pigs.
  • Unleash your creativity by crafting new objects.
  • Almost 42 different objects you can use to your benefit.
  • Take part in the fun cake race.
  • More than 9 sandbox levels you can take part in.
  • Find all the secret loot and treasure.
  • Take screenshots and share your creations with others.

The sandbox level is an open and free level where you are allowed to do what you want and make what you desire in the Bad Piggies for Android devices. This level is reached only after you finish all your missions and collect the required skills.

Name:Bad Piggies
Developer:Rovio Entertainment Corporation
App Version:v2.3.6
App Size:70 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.1 & Higher
Category:Android > Games > Puzzles
License Type:Free

Download Bad Piggies APK Free For Android devices to embark on an exciting and thrilling adventure with loads of flying and exploding fun as you try to get your piggies to the finish line.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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