Background Eraser

2.5.0 for Android handyCloset Inc.

Modify Your Pictures & Their Background with a Lot of Ease!

Denise Waters

Background Eraser is a simple and convenient application which lets you modify your pictures and their background with a lot of ease. One cannot always resort to high-class software like photoshop and hence this app is the perfect solution to easily edit your pictures.

Background Eraser APK lets users isolate the elements of a picture by cutting and pasting the foreground or background. There are a number of tools one can use to erase the background completely or edit it according to our convenience.

Once the user removes the original background of a picture, another more creative or fun background can be used. The Background Eraser app lets you erase all the similar pixels automatically or extract your picture by selecting the part you want to remove. There are blue and red markers to mark out the part you wish to extract and then that cropped out image can be pasted on some other background of your choice.

The auto mode makes the background transparent with a single tap but to extract of images requires more precision and careful handling. However, all in all, Background Eraser for Android devices lets you work with much ease and create a beautiful montage or collage of pictures with your new images.


  • Effortlessly erase the background of an image.
  • Auto erases the whole background or makes the part to be erased.
  • Different sizes of the erasers for easy handling.
  • Superimpose extracted images on new backgrounds.
  • Simplistic and user-friendly interface.
  • Clear out unnecessary objects or photobombers from your picture.
  • Place your images on backgrounds of your favorite destinations.
  • Create stickers with the images.

The final image which is created with a new background gets automatically stored in a PNG format, but the user can change it to JPEG if they wish to. And the images which are not given a new background are saved just like that or with a white one in the Background Eraser Android app.

Name:Background Eraser
Developer:handyCloset Inc.
App Version:v2.5.0
App Size:2.3 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 5.0 & Higher
CategoryMultimedia > Photography
License Type:Free

Download Background Eraser APK for Android to gain access to an application that lets you deal with unwanted parts of a picture and edit them at the click of a button.


  • Android version 5.0 or above.

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