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Record Any Phone Call You Want!

Denise Waters

Automatic Call Recorder is the perfect comprehensive app to make sure you never forget any important conversation you had on a call. The prime function of this app is to record calls and save them so that you can refer to them later whenever required.

Automatic Call Recorder APK can allow users to save their recordings on the device or even connect it to cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive so that an additional copy is kept safe incase the phone is damaged.

Users can add their own notes to a recording to remember some important points in the Automatic Call Recorder App. They can also share the recording with others if required. Searching for any saved recording is very easy and can be done via the phone number, contact name or notes added.

The three formats of recording calls are ‘Record Everything’, ‘Ignore Contacts’ or ‘Ignore Everything’. The first records all calls, the second records unknown calls and the third doesn’t record any calls. Apart from them if there are any contacts specifically selected for recording or ignoring, they will work that way irrespective of the default mode.

Auto Call Recorder lets users record and save any number of calls without any restrictions as they are stored on the user’s device memory. If there is a lack of space, one can separately add calls to the ‘Saved Calls’ folder and the older ones will automatically be deleted as new ones are recorded.

The Automatic Call Recorder for Android lets users set a specific size for all the recording wherever they are stored and can even choose to save the recordings either in the internal memory or the SD card.


  • Record all or specific calls effortlessly.
  • Sync with cloud storage to keep recordings safe.
  • Choose between 3 different settings.
  • Easily search via name or number.
  • Add your own comments to recordings.
  • Add recordings to ‘Saved Calls’ folder.
  • Share recordings with friends and family.

The Automatic Call Recorder 2019 has a free version which can be tried first and then if it works well on the device, users can go in for the paid app.

Name:Automatic Call Recorder
App Version:v5.43.11
App Size:6.9 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 & Higher
Category: Tools > General
License Type: Free
Downloads: 100,000,000+

Download Automatic Call Recorder APK for Android devices to ensure you never forget or miss an important conversation and can keep track of all your important calls.

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