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Prevent Unauthorized Access and Guard Privacy!

Denise Waters

AppLock is the app designed to take one’s troubles away when it comes to keeping our privacy intact and to ensure no one unwanted has access to our apps. The app can be easily used to lock any other application on one’s phone and ensure the security of the highest level.

AppLock APK can allow users to lock everything from WhatsApp and Instagram to settings and photo gallery. One simply has to set a specific password for the application in question and every time the app has to be opened, the user is expected to enter the password. One can use a pin, pattern, password or even a fingerprint lock.

When it comes to the gallery, the AppLock app has a Photo Vault wherein one can keep pictures and videos in a secure manner. The hidden media is thereafter not available in the gallery and only in the vault. The easiest way to keep your private moments safe from prying eyes.

In case a user has a pattern lock, the app has an invisible lock and even the keyboard is a random keyboard, ensuring that no one else can peep into your phone and try to sneak a look. AppLock for Android devices offers added security by displaying a fake cover screen displaying that the app has forcefully closed whenever some unauthorized person tries to access it.

For all users who might give their phone to younger siblings or kids to play games on, the App Lock is here to save the day. It ensures that they don’t mess up the user settings unintentionally or open private chats of the user.

Moreover, the app also has a provision to take a selfie of the intruder trying to access the user’s apps. There are a number of themes one can apply to make the lock screen more attractive or even use a customized picture. Users can also set a time lock so that the app auto-locks or unlocks within a set time and also allows one to exit briefly.


  • Lock all apps and settings easily.
  • Hide AppLock icon on the screen.
  • Photo Vault for the privacy of the gallery.
  • Pattern lock, pin, fingerprint scanner or password.
  • Auto-time lock/unlock.
  • Customize with varied themes & backgrounds.
  • Random keyboard & invisible pattern.
  • Intruder selfie.
  • Incognito browser.

The App Lock update not only ensures all these features but also works on a power-saving mode to extend the battery life. It is a small app and hence doesn’t take up much memory either.

Developer:DoMobile Lab
App Version:v2.6.8
App Size:6.9 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.4 & Higher
Category:Tools > App & Screen Lockers
License Type:Free

Download AppLock APK for Android to gain access to a safety measure which offers the best security features and allows you to easily share your device with others, without having to worry about nosy people or probing eyes.


  • Android version 4.4 or above.

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