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Edit Any Apk Files on Your Android Phone!

Denise Waters

APK Editor, as the name suggests, is an app that allows you to edit any APK files on your phone. It can be rightly called an app for people with decent technical knowledge because although easy to use, it can get tricky sometimes.

APK Editor APK allows you to perform simple edits wherein you’re allowed to replace files inside the APK or do a full edit where you rebuild all the files. In case you don’t have the APK for a certain app, APK Editor also lets you easily extract the APK file from it.

One can extract anything from the applications like music, images, sound etc with the help of the APK Editor app. You can redesign the entire interface to your own liking, alter the music and sounds in the app or even modify wallpaper if you don’t like the ones they have.

APK Editor for Android devices also lets you perform simple functions like moving APKs back and forth between the SD card and internal phone memory. For those of you, who are quite skilled, you can even use APK Editor 2019 to delete permissions, change languages in the app and basically hack the app as you wish.


  • Access all APK files of installed applications.
  • Edit them in a simple or complex manner.
  • Modify any and every aspect of the application.
  • Remove any unwanted adverts from the app.
  • Move the apps to your SD card or external storage.
  • Edit apps based on your knowledge and skill.
  • Gain access to all parts of an app without restrictions.

APK Editor Android app also has a useful feature where you can change the name of any application to one of your liking or preference. Moreover, the app also allows you to clone an application in case you wish to use the same one with two different accounts.

Name:APK Editor
App Version:v1.9.0
App Size: 9.5 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 3.2 & Higher
Category:Tools > General
License Type:Free

Download APK Editor for Android devices to test your technical skills and experiment with the apps on your phone, making them customized to your likes and wants.


  • Android version 3.2 or above.

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