All in One Gestures

5.5.2 for Android YS Liang

A Complete Gestures Pack to Control One’s Device!

Denise Waters

All in One Gestures is the app to make lives easier for everyone today with the use of simple gestures to navigate through and control one’s device. Gone are the days when one needed to type and push buttons to get simple tasks done. All one has to do is swipe their finger across the screen and the said task or function will be performed.

All in One Gestures APK can specially be advantageous if a user is someone with small hands or a huge smartphone. This is so because the navigation bar can be easily expanded from the bottom of the phone with the help of this app.

Moreover, the All in One Gestures app is an important asset incase one’s hardware buttons are damaged and also if a user uses gloves and cannot easily touch the soft keys on the device. Keeping in mind this and the fact that the size may not be appropriate for all people, the sensor area of the device can be customized so as to ensure effective usage by all.

Privacy is a very important feature of the app which cannot be compromised on and thus All in One Gestures for Android devices does not share any personal data of the user with third parties. The app supports varied gestures such as swiping from the edges, double tapping on the status bar, long tapping, holding etc.

There are a plethora of actions one can invoke by simply downloading the All in One Gestures Android app. Some of these are simple ones like back, home, notifications, screen off, quick settings and even ones like google assistant, media control, volume actions, launching other apps etc.


  • Hassle-Free device control.
  • Variety of actions performed.
  • Gestures of different kinds.
  • Launching apps and shortcuts with simple gestures.
  • Lock Screen actions.
  • Privacy and data safety.
  • Hidden soft keys.
  • No hassle of using the navigation bar.

Accessibility services features are used by the All in One Gestures app to provide all these functions to the user and the app requests permissions to access storage, camera, location, and device administrators.

Name:All in One Gesture
Developer:YS Liang
App Version:v5.5.2
App Size:5.53 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.4 & Higher
Category:Tools > Gesture Control
License Type:Free

All in One Gestures for Android is an interesting app for Tech freaks who like to be updated with the newest developments and even people who simply want life to be easier. Download All in One Gestures APK for Android is the simple and one-stop solution for convenient and simple device control.


  • Android version 4.4 or above.

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