8 Ball Pool

4.1.0 for Android Miniclip

The World’s Biggest Online Pool Game!

Denise Waters

8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is something which will be loved by everyone who loves to play the game ‘pool’. It gives users an enhanced 3D experience which gives a different thrill altogether. The best advantage of 8 Ball Pool App is that one can play with people across borders and compete with them, without any constraints of boundaries and distances.

8 Ball Pool APK can help you simply practice your skills, take on other competitors in one-on-one matches or even enter the big tournaments to win trophies and the like.
Playing the game is just like playing a real game, aim the cue using your finger and swipe it forward in the direction you want so as to hit the ball.

The aim is to pocket all your colored balls while preventing your opponent from doing so. After you pocket all your balls, you do the same with the black ball and win the game. Sounds easy enough? It is, but there are levels in the 8 Ball Pool APK for Android where one can choose from easy, medium or hard.

8 Ball Pool game will facilitate you to buy coins if you win the game which in turn will help you buy upgrades for your cue and make your game more classy and stylish.
The coins can also help you to enter higher-ranked matches with bigger stakes, making your playing experience much more satisfying. You can challenge your Facebook friends straight from the game and can show them what a real pool player looks like!


  • Fabulous visuals and even better animations.
  • Great graphics and Physics.
  • Realistic Game playing experience in the 3D view.
  • Grants achievements for completing goals.
  • Free chat with Facebook friends.
  • Cue upgrades for more power.
  • Auto recharge of cues.
  • Clubs with each member having a different role.

There is a level system in the 8 Ball Pool game which means the more challenges you face and win, the better your ranking will be. This in turn will get you better access to exclusive locations for your matches where you will be playing against none other than the best players in the world.

Name:8 Ball Pool
App Version:v4.5.2
App Size:52 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Games > Sports
License Type:Free

Download 8 Ball Pool APK for Android to work on pool skills and indulge in a tempting experience of winning and losing, earning rewards and reaping the benefits of your effort. A game with well developed and advanced game-play, 8 Ball Pool App for Android will surely have you on the edge of your seats, striving to become the best in the game.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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