8 Ball Pool Mod

4.2.2 for Android Miniclip.com

Play The World’s Biggest Online Pool Game Now With Countless Coins!

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The most loved and popular pool game available on a mobile platform! Do we need to say the name or you can guess it? Yes, you’re right, it’s 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk. A perfect, interesting and engaging multiplayer game which gives you the chance to play a great pool game on your mobile phone itself.

The game is essentially a direct simulator of the famous pool game which you can play even without possessing a whole pool table. It was released by Miniclip.com and has more than 15 million downloads till date.

The Best Multiplayer Game

8 Ball Pool Mod is one of the best multiplayer games out there as it allows you to challenge friends and strangers from all across the globe. You can sign in with your Facebook account and immediately the game will connect you to other Facebook friends who are also playing the same game. You can challenge them to a one on one game from within the app itself. This way you can engage in a battle with your friends to prove you are the best player out there.

Another great way to show off your skills is by playing against random users all over the world. The game will match you with others who you can compete within a one on one match. You also have the option of taking part in 8 player tournaments where one team of 8 players will compete against another team of 8 players.

Easy But Interesting Gameplay

The gameplay of 8 Ball Pool Mod App is quite simple so to say and is similar to all other pool games. You simply have to aim the cue using your finger and then swipe it ahead to shoot the ball. You have to be careful while aiming so that you manage to score as many points as possible. It takes some time to get used to the game however it is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

You will slowly learn how to perfectly control the spinning movement as well as the speed of your cue ball. The rules for shooting will be set in the first pocket itself. Thus you will be clear on whether you need to shoot at the striped balls or the colored ones.

Be The Richest With Unlimited Coins And Rewards

8 Ball Pool Mod for Android comes with a pocket full of coins and unlimited rewards. These coins are essential because they will help you buy upgrades for yourself. You can buy a number of different upgrades for your cue as well. You start off with a plain wooden cue but as you earn coins you can further jazz it up and even use the pinewood or Soccer Stars cue.

With unlimited coins and rewards, you can enjoy unstoppable pooling fun without the worries of getting out of coins. Every time you win a match in the 8 Ball Pool Mod Game you will get the chance to earn coins for yourself. Each tournament or one on one match you play will have a certain amount of coins at stake.

For this purpose, you can go to the Pool Shop and buy different items from there, including more stylish cues. Another way to earn coins is by spinning the lucky wheel, which may just give you a chance to pocket some more.

Engage In Better Tournaments

Another great advantage of winning the coins is that they will give you the ability to enter high ranked matches with players who are quite skilled in their game. You will quite literally be matched against ‘legends’ in a game where the stakes will be much higher. In the start, you will play against other players at the same level as you, but as you keep leveling up, the game gives you the chance to enter into bigger and better matches.

Not only with the help of coins, but as you keep leveling up in the game you will get access to better locations and more exclusive matches as well. There is a well-curated level system in the 8 Ball Pool Mod Free game wherein you will constantly be facing a challenge.

Be Smart While Playing The Game

An important point to keep in mind while playing the 8 Ball Pool Mod Game is that you need to strategize your shots in a manner that you manage to pot as many balls as possible. You should try out all possible ways to place your ball behind the breaking line so as to get the best aim. Even if you fail to score, remember that do not leave any ball in a position making it easier for your opponent to pot it.

Name:8 Ball Pool Mod APK
App Version:v4.5.2
App Size:54 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Android > Mod > Games > Sports
License Type:Free
Last Updated:13 June 2020
Modded Features:Unlimited Coins, Cues, And Rewards

Download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK Free for Android devices if you wish to play a game that helps you test your skills and steadiness of shooting. The game will give you the great pleasure of playing a full-fledged pool game from the comforts of your simple Android devices.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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